Winery located in the heart of the old quarter of Vilafames in an old house.

My grandfather prepared his wine here in this house.

The house was built at the start of the 20th century.

The grapes enter our small winery enabling us to carry out the processes in a traditional but much more simple and controlled manner.  We have two different vinification processes for prepare the products.

White vinification: the grapes are transported to the hopper where we quickly and soft we obtain the must that is channelled by gravity to isothermal tanks where we carry out the static cleaning (we let the grape skins precipitate for about 24 hours).  Then we extract the clean part of the must and we let the wild yeasts start the fermentation, which will transform the sugars present in  must,  into alcohol and thus we will obtain the wine.

Red vinification: when the grapes enter the stalks and the rest of the paste (must and skins) are quickly removed and then they are directly channelled to the fermentation tank.  From here the juice is overpumped in order to bathe the skins that form due to the formation of CO2 during the fermentation and obtain homogeneous maceration.

The maceration will enable us to extract the maximum colour and aroma.  Then the wine and skins are separated and they are pressed.

The wine is then taken to the fermentation barrels, and finally it will pass through the natural cave.