Visit the vineyards and wineries with tasting

This offer only for weekend and holidays, includes:

-Visit to the Vineyards Magnanimvs:

You will discover all the work we do throughout the year in our vineyards and tell you all the evolution of Pla de Vilafamés in the last 100 years.

-Visit to the winery Mayo García:

We will tell you the secrets we work for only about Author Wines.

-Cata Of our wine tasting room:

We will test two of our best wines and see a short video where all information is detailed.

-Obsequio For each participant in the visit:

A bottle of wine prestigious Platinum Author Magnanimvs (best wine ASUCAP Castellon 2011).

Price per person: 12 €

Street Address: C/La Font, 116 Vilafamés (Castellón)

Visits Hours: Saturdays, Sundays and holidays at 12:00 h.

They can make your reservation calling al 626 285 394 (Gabriel Mayo)


* We recommend bringing comfortable shoes.