4th “Castellon Best Wines” Awards

On Saturday 23rd February the annual “Best Castellon Wines” award ceremony took place in the city of Castellón. This event, organized by the Association of Sommeliers of Castellón (ASUCAP), recognizes the most outstanding wines from the provincial wineries.

Currently the province of Castellón has 14 wineries and more than 60 wines. “But much remains to be done,” explained from the association, “we need a recognition, which is slowly recovering thanks to the work done both from the private sector and institutions, demonstrating the value of the province product through the IGP “vinos de Castellon” (Castellon wines).

ASUCAP considers the quality of the wines of the province of Castellón is being proved, as sales show “since they keep increasing, as well as exports throughout the world,” they say.

The event was chaired by leading institutional representatives at the regional, provincial and local levels, and was attended by wine industry experts, who carried out the corresponding blind tastings, and by a large audience.

Globbarea companies that were awarded prizes in the contest were:

White wines:

Silver medals: Magnanimvs Blanco (Bodegas Mayo Garcia) and Clos d’Esgarracordes Blanco (Bodegas Baron d’Alba)

Young red wines: 

Gold medal: Flor de Clotàs (Bodega Flors)

Silver medals: Clos d’Esgarracordes Roure (Bodegas Barón d’Alba), Temps Roure (Bodega Más de Rander) and Arrels de Bocoi (Intercoop)

Aging red wines: 

Silver medals: Magnanimvs Platino (Bodega Mayo Garcia) and Clotàs (Bodega Flors)

Special wine: 

Gold medal: Red mistela (sweet muscat wine) by Mas de Rander

More info: http://asucap.blogspot.com.es/